"The Samatva Yoga teacher training program is thorough, offering both the aspiring yoga teacher and the experienced yoga teacher a wealth of invaluable knowledge. Karen is dedicated to her students while enrolled in the program, as well as after graduation. Not only does one learn how to teach and inspire others, ones personal yoga practice can not help but be enhanced as well."
~DeAnna Nielsen, RYT
"Your complete Yoga training program covered many aspects of philosophy, anatomy, and the business of Yoga. I didn't have to travel out of state or even out of Dallas to get high quality teacher training. You used a lot of hands-on technique and demonstrated multiple Yoga styles in guiding students safely and correctly into postures. My students have given me positive feedback when I used the same techniques I learned from you. You provided us with a wealth of knowledge beyond your age. I was very lucky to have you for my training teacher."
~YenRu Hu, RYT

"Samatva Yoga training has been life changing.  Karen’s philosophies, teaching methods and people skills create an incredible learning environment.  She has a deep understanding of yoga and kinesiology.  Her program is true to its name – Balancing Body, Mind and life!"

~Dale Estrabao, Owner Rhythm Moves

"Samatva Yoga teacher training provided me with a holistic approach to hatha yoga that emphasized doing asanas for maximum efficacy by using body awareness (with extensive education on anatomy and kinesiology), utilization of the breath and different breathing practices, and moderation and patience in safely increasing the intensity of yoga practice."

~Lynn Marple, RYT
"The Samatva training program is comprehensive and offers a good balance of didactic and practical training. The training program provides the beginning teacher with the tools necessary to begin a career as a yoga teacher. Upon completion of the program, I felt well prepared and qualified to begin teaching yoga. I have also received positive feedback from both my students and my fitness director regarding my skills as a yoga teacher. The Samatva training program gave me the tools to be a successful and competent yoga instructor. "
~ Lori Simms, RYT
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